Here's One Thing That Makes Todd And Sarah Palin Different… Their Home

This is Barack and Michelle Obama‘s lavish mansion in Chicago:

The $1.6 million Obama home in Chicago sits next to a lot once owned by good friend Tony Rezko. The Obamas bought their home in a shady deal linked to convicted felon Rezko. (CBS2)

Here’s “average man” Joe Biden’s home:

Hat Tip Zillow Blog

Then there’s former Vice President Al Gore’s ark:

Obviously, the carbon offset business has been good to Gore.


The Kerrys, Pelosis, McCains, etc. all own several homes.

This is Todd and Sarah Palin’s home:

Todd built the house years ago after the couple married.
They still live there today.
Obviously, the Palin family is not your average Washington couple.

El Rider adds in the comments below:

“Somehow I doubt that Todd Palin had the financial help of any Syrian mobsters like Tony Rezko to help him build that house. I also doubt that the Palin’s side yard was origianlly purchased by the wife of a Syrian mobster whose shady develpment business obtained governmental subsidies to build housing that was soon dilapidated and without heat.”

Well said.

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