Figures… Obama's Immigration Bill Includes Funding For Leftist Groups to Organize Immigrant Communities

Once again… Here’s another story that you will not see investigated by the American media any time too soon.

Marinka Peschmann reported at Canada Free Press on Barack Obama’s immigration bill that will soon come up for a vote in the US Senate.
Obama put his community organizing skills to work on this one. He must have learned a few things from all of those years working with Bill Ayers. The bill would give millions to (Leftist) groups to organize immigrants politically.
Peschmann reported:

The Citizenship Promotion Act, S. 795’s, primary goal is “to assist aliens who have been lawfully admitted to becoming citizens of the United States.” It does not provide funding to secure the borders or assist in the USCIS’s quest towards efficiency or its capabilities to root out corruption. Instead, Obama’s bill will organize the immigrant community by allotting U.S. $80 million for outreach programs targeted at immigrants and future voters.

In Section 6 of Obama’s bill, costing U.S. $80 million, the Secretary of Homeland Security would “award grants,” to “not for profit organizations” with “experience working with immigrant communities” to “carry out outreach activities,” including teaching English, providing education and citizenship classes, plus provide legal assistance” to applicable aliens towards citizenship and the right to vote. Typically, studies show that immigrant voters vote Democrat.

If passed into law, organizations seeking Obama’s grant eligibility must show, how they plan “to leverage available private and State and local government resources;” their experience “in carrying out the activities, including the number of aliens and geographic regions served; and, …[how] to employ best practices developed by adult educators, State and local governments, and community organizations.” The Secretary of Homeland Security would also “develop outreach materials” such as “public service announcements; advertisements…other media…” to “encourage” applicable aliens to become U.S. citizens.

The Secretary of Homeland Security serves at the pleasure of the President; if elected that would be Obama.

There’s more at Canada Free Press.


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