The Exodus Continues… Hillary Supporters Flee Misogenist Party

Enough Is Enough
Another high-profile Hillary supporter leaves the misogynistic Obama fold.
Newsweek reported:

John Coale, a prominent Washington lawyer, husband of Fox TV host Greta Van Susteren and a supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton, announced today that he was supporting John McCain for president. Coale, who traveled with Sen. Clinton, President Clinton and her family through out the primary season, complained of sexism, and said the Democratic Party is “being taken over by the types” in an exclusive interview with’s Tammy Haddad.

Coale said he tried to prevent Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, from attending an August 18th meeting in Scranton, Pa. with McCain campaign surrogate Carly Fiorina. “I urged him not to go and told him it would embarrass his sister, but he has a mind of his own.” Coale says Mr. Rodham asked Ms. Fiorina “about McCain’s Supreme Court picks.”

Coale says he will travel and recruit democrats for the McCain Campaign.
He also said he has successfully recruited several former Hillary Supporters to support McCain.
Bummer for the Obamatrons.
Maybe if they didn’t attack women so much that would help.

UPDATE: Another PUMA is flogged by the Kossacks.
Hat Tip Joshua

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