Disgusting!… Lib Group Headed By Howard Dean's Brother Releases Vicious McCain Cancer Ad

More hope and change for America…
Liberal organization Brave New Pac, founded by DNC Chairman Howard Dean, and led by his brother James Dean, released a disgusting attack ad against Senator John McCain today:

Another attack by Democrats on senior citizens…
The ad is currently running on MSNBC.
The Kentucky Herald-Leader reported:

Two liberal political action committees are making an issue of John McCain’s past bouts with skin cancer in a television commercial that features his facial scar and demands that the Republican presidential nominee release his medical records to the public.

The 30-second ad, so far airing for $50,000 only on MSNBC, is paid for by Brave New PAC and Democracy for America, a political group headed by James Dean, the brother of Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean.

“John McCain is 72 years old and had cancer 4 times,” the ad’s text says over a black-and-white image of McCain with the left side of his face bandaged after surgery in 2000. “Why won’t McCain release his medical records?”

FOX News and CNN reportedly refused to run the ad.
The liberal group was founded by Howard Dean.

Keep It Classy Democrats.


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