Shameful– National Organization of (Lib) Women "Pushed" to Support Obama Due to Palin Pick

“Our purpose is to take action to bring women into full participation in society — sharing equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities with men, while living free from discrimination.”

National Organization of Women
September 16, 2008

What a disgrace- The National Organization of Women will endorse Barack Obama today.
AFP reported:

The National Organization for Women (NOW) said Tuesday it had been pushed by the Republicans pick of Sarah Palin as vice presidential nominee to back Democrat Barack Obama for the White House.

“NOW is going to be endorsing the Obama-Biden ticket,” NOW head Kim Gandy told National Public Radio (NPR), referring to Obama and his running mate Joseph Biden.

The 500,000-strong women’s movement, which “very, very rarely endorses in a general election”, broke with its tradition of neutrality after “the addition of Sarah Palin gave us a new sense of urgency,” said Gandy.

“She is being portrayed as a supporter of women’s rights … as a feminist when in fact her positions on so many of the issues are really anathema to ours,” Gandy said.

Their candidate supports infanticide.
That’s an important issue to these women.


Related… At a Democratic rally yesterday the announcer introduced Joe Biden after she called Governor Sarah Palin, who holds an 80% approval rating in Alaska, a “bucket of fluff”:

In a burst of feminist solidarity, here’s what Barbara Theaker had to say about Sarah Palin:

BARBARA THEAKER: Barack Obama has made an intelligent choice for the vice-presidency. How so very different this is from that bucket of fluff that the Republican candidates have chosen for the same position.

David Thompson has more thoughts on academic feminism.

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