Despite Week of Race Baiting… Obama Still In Trouble With White Voters

Despite a long, long week of race baiting on the campaign trail and in the media, Barack Obama is still having trouble winning over white voters.
The Political Pulse reported:

Obama faces this: 40 percent of all white Americans hold at least a partly negative view toward blacks, and that includes many Democrats and independents.

More than a third of all white Democrats and independents — voters Obama can’t win the White House without — agreed with at least one negative adjective about blacks, according to the survey, and they are significantly less likely to vote for Obama than those who don’t have such views.

Dan Riehl also notes that while Democrats vote more on race, Republicans vote more on issues.

Of course… When Obama is caught declaring “white folk’s greed runs a world in need” it doesn’t help elevate him in the eyes of white voters:

Those racist attacks against whites probably won’t help Obama much on the campaign trail.

Jules Crittenden has more thoughts on racial prejudices in this year’s election.

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