Busted… Sleazy Obama Attacks ABORTION SURVIVOR– Unfortunately There's Audio That Reveals His Lie


Earlier this week Abortion Survivor and devout Christian Gianna Jessen joined Born Alive Truth in a new ad that attacked Barack Obama for voting against rights for newborn survivors of abortion.
This is what Gianna said in the ad:

Can you imagine not giving babies their basic human rights, no matter how they entered our world? My name is Gianna Jessen, born 31 years ago after a failed abortion. I’m a survivor, as are many others…but if Barack Obama had his way, I wouldn’t be here.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama voted four times against affording these babies their most basic human right. I have serious concerns about Senator Obama’s record and views on this issue, given he voted against these protections four times as a state Senator. Just as abuse victims share their stories to educate the public, fight for the common good and hope that as a result politicians do what’s right, I felt it was important to come forward and give these new born babies a voice.

I am living proof these babies have a right to live, and I invite you to learn more about Senator Obama’s record on this important issue.

-Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen

Founding Bloggers posted this devastating ad.


This ad revealed how Obama voted four times against medical care and protection for babies who survive abortions in the Illinois State Senate, while the U.S. Senate was voting 98-0 to pass an identical bill.

Today the Obama camp responded to this ad with a vile hit piece on John McCain (who did not produce this ad) and abortion survivor Gianna Jessen:

Of course, the ad by Obama is a lie.
In fact here is Obama in his own words explaining his support for infanticide:

In this audio Obama coldly claims two doctors helping a baby born alive after a botched abortion would be a burden when he was arguing against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act at the Illinois state legislature April 2002.

“Essentially adding an additional doctor who then has to be called in an emergency situation to come in and make these assessments is really designed simply to burden the original decision…”

Not even the most liberal members of the US Senate held this view.

Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen responds…
Michelle Malkin has the response from Gianna Jessen to Obama’s disgusting attack:

“Mr. Obama is clearly blinded by political ambition given his attack on me this week. All I asked of him was to do the right thing: support medical care and protection for babies who survive abortion – as I did 31 years ago. He voted against such protection and care four times even though the U.S. Senate voted 98-0 in favor of a bill identical to the one Obama opposed. In the words of his own false and misleading ad, his position is downright vile. Mr. Obama said at the recent Saddleback Forum that the question of when babies should get human rights was above his pay grade. Such vacillation and cowardice would have left me to die if his policies were in place when I was born. Thank God they were not.”

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