Busted… Sarah Palin Smear Video Created/Distributed By PR Firm

An internet smear campaign against Sarah Palin is tied to the Democratic Party and a major PR firm.
The ring of deception was discovered by The Jawa Report.
It looks like Rusty could have come across illegal campaigning tactics that lead all the way up the chain of command to David Axelrod of the Obama Campaign.
Good work, Rusty!

More Hope and Change… Doug Ross has discovered that another attack on Sarah Palin- a campaign smear email- was posted on hundreds of forums by the hopey-changers.

UPDATE: The Obama camp(?) tries to hide the evidence.


UPDATE 2: Here’s a related video–
The McCain Camp just released the “Obama-Rezko-Chicago Machine” ad today:

Maybe this is the start of a stream of attacks on Barack Obama’s criminal, terrorist and anti-American associations?
Good for McCain.

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