Busted!… Code Pink Identity Theft At RNC Makes Regional News

Now It’s Making Regional News…

On Wednesday, September 3, 2008, as Governor Sarah Palin took the stage in Minneapolis, the two co-founders of Code Pink, a Marxist anti-American antiwar group, Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans rushed the stage to interrupt her speech.

Jodie Evans is one of the top Obama Bundlers and has raised nearly $100,000 for her candidate. She last met with Obama in June.

Code Pink co-founders Jodie Evans (left) and Medea Benjamin try to storm the stage on Governor Sarah Palin at the RNC in St. Paul. (S&L)


So how did the radicals get into the convention?
Here’s how: The radicals stole name tags during the week of Republican delegates and women reporters at the many RNC events.

After Jodie Evans was escorted from the RNC Convention Jonn Lilyea noticed that she was wearing the name badge of Indiana alternate delegate Annie Eckrich:

On Friday Founding Bloggers called Annie Eckrich and here’s the audio on what she said.
–Her name tag was stolen. She did not give permission to Code Pink to use her identity. She is a huge McCain-Palin supporter. She felt violated.

Now the story is being carried in the regional news with more details.
Indiana’s News Center reported on the identity theft:

It turns out a protest aimed at disrupting events at last week’s Republican National Convention had a Fort Wayne connection.

Fort Wayne realtor Annie Eckrich says her stolen identification was used by operatives to illegally gain entry onto the convention floor.

Eckrich, who was an alternate delegate to the Republican Party extravaganza in Minneapolis- St. Paul, says she didn’t know anything about what happened until a reporter called her, asking if she’d handed over her credentials to protesters.

The story has gotten national attention on several political blogs.

One of those blogs (Gateway Pundit) has displayed a picture of a simple badge with Eckrich’s name on it that was used by members of a group called “Code Pink” to get into one of the prime time convention speeches.

Eckrich says a badge was left for her at a National Realtors Association reception that she never attended.

Instead, it appears the “Code Pink” members got their hands on it, and made their way into the convention to storm the stage.

Click on the photo for the video of Annie Eckrich talking about being the victim of Code Pink identity theft:

Annie was not the only person who was a victim of Code Pink identity theft during the RNC. St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Jo Mannies also had her identity stolen by the radical Leftist group.

More Code Pink antics revealed… The Detroit Free Press used Code Pink members in their focus groups. The leftist activists praised Barack Obama after his speech and slammed Sarah Palin after her talk.

Hat Tip Kristinn from Free Republic

TOP OBAMA BUNDLER Attempts to Storm Stage During Palin Speech!!!
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MORE CODE PINK ID THEFT!!… St. Louis Reporter Also Victim Of Stolen Identity!

UPDATE: Two other Code Pink activists also said they were given credentials from disgruntled Republicans, Nancy Mancias and Elizabeth Hourican both interrrupted John McCain’s speech at the convention.

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