Anarchists & Leftists Planned To KIDNAP RNC DELEGATES!!!

Anarchists, Leftists, Obama-supporters, and other thugs attacked RNC delegates earlier this week dousing them with bleach, clawing at them, and spitting on them as they were entering the Xcel Center in St. Paul. One 80 year-old delegate needed medical attention after the attack.

Click on this photo for video of the riots last night in St. Paul:

This group of delegates was also attacked by Leftist hooligans as they entered the Xcel Center on Monday. (Indymedia)
–Where are the police?

WCCO reported:


Sabotaging the Xcel Energy Center or the Downtown St. Paul Airport. Leaving stalled vehicles and stretching metal chains across freeways. Even kidnapping delegates. All were tactics discussed by anarchists as ways to disrupt the Republican National Convention, according to police documents.

Groups planning to disrupt this week’s convention also held an “action camp” in Minnesota this summer to teach “direct action techniques” using mock Molotov cocktails and a simulated RNC delegate vehicle that was targeted for rocks and tire-slashing, the documents say, citing information gathered by undercover investigators.

The information is contained in a search warrant application and supporting affidavit obtained by news organizations.

The documents show that for just over a year, the Ramsey County sheriff’s office and other law enforcement agencies had been investigating the RNC Welcoming Committee, a self-described anarchist group. The group had been planning convention disruptions for months.

Investigators identified six leaders of the Welcoming Committee, all Minneapolis residents, who they alleged were particularly active in organizing efforts and in stockpiling materials. Five were arrested last weekend when authorities executed the search warrant.

The Alabama delegates were attacked on the highway on their way to the RNC Convention on Monday.

BUS ATTACK IN ST. PAUL!!… Anarchists Attack RNC Busses!
Leftist Protesters Attack, Throw Poison & Spit On RNC Delegates!… 80 Year-Old Connecticut Delegate Injured!!!

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