80%'er Meets 80%'er at UN

Popular Governor Sarah Palin enjoys an 80% approval rating in Alaska.
Popular President Alvaro Uribe, a staunch pro-American leader, enjoys an 80% approval rating in Colombia.
Today they met at the United Nations.

So is this the new look of US diplomacy?

U.S. Republican vice-presidential nominee, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (L) meets Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe at the Colombian mission residence in New York September 23, 2008. (REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

While democrats dodged President Uribe this week in Washington, Palin was eager to meet the great Colombian leader.

Investor’s Business Daily has more on how the Democrats snubbed pro-America Uribe in Washington this past week.

Here is video of the future VP meeting with world leaders in New York:

One thing’s for certain… Palin was smoking hot in NYC yesterday!

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