White Jewish Rapper Disses Ludacris & Obamanabull Obama!


White Jewish Rapper E-Shy responds to the vile Ludacris pro-Obama rap against Hillary, Bush and McCain “Obama is Here.”
The difference is that E-Shy is clever, clean and truthful:
(2 minutes 48 seconds)



E-shy is now a seasoned veteran of the NYC hip hop world, with his lyrically vicious performances frequnting such venues as the Cheetah Club, The Leopard Lounge, S.O.B.’s, Emerson College, the Pyramid Lounge, The City, Remote Lounge, the Bowery Poetry Bar, the Nuyorican Cafe, the Lion’s Den, and the Tunnel. He has also toured in Germany last year setting aflame crowds at shows in Hamburg, Berlin, and Frankfurt.

His upcoming album features a wealth of hiphop collaboration. With production by Needlz of G-UNIT, Deric D-DOT as well as that of Executive Producer Daddy O. The album aptly deems the moniker “Attention Deficit Disorder,” and is now in post production.

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