Finally Liberals Discover Patriotism… By Changing the Definition

Wacky Lib Group Believes Obama’s Patriotic Progressive Service Trumps McCain’s POW Status

The group believes that Americans want to redefine patriotism to include “progressive values.”

In their new progressive system socialists, Marxists, Green activists and naked PETA protesters would score off the charts.

A wacky new lib organization took a poll on patriotism and actually believe Barack Obama’s service in the South Chicago slums working with terrorist Bill Ayers would trump John McCain’s years as a POW at the Hanoi Hilton.
GGRR reported:


A new public opinion survey released today as both Democrats and Republicans prepare for their national political conventions, finds that Americans are deeply dissatisfied with how America’s political leaders typically invoke patriotism, and shows a strong desire by the public for a new vision of patriotism that features more emphasis on the future, constructive change, and progressive civic values.

The poll, conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and commissioned by the True Patriot Network, also finds that while Senator John McCain is currently regarded as significantly more patriotic than Senator Barack Obama, Obama actually wins a hypothetical patriotism-centered debate with McCain, if Obama frames his agenda within a narrative of patriotism centered on progressive values.

Notice how the progressives would rather redefine patriotism than “change” their own behaviors and attitudes.
Are you surprised?

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