Vets For Freedom Founders Board Anti-"Bush Legacy" Bus– Confront Staff For Showing US Soldier Snuff Films! (Video)

Vets For Freedom Chairman Pete Hegseth and Vice-Chairman/Founder Dave Bellavia hijacked the anti-“Bush Legacy” bus this morning at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

The two patriots from the bipartisan Vets For Freedom just got back from a recent visit to Iraq. They attended the DNC Convention this week to talk with Democratic politicians about the great success of the Bush Surge in Iraq.
Obviously, this was not an easy week for the two VFF Founders.

They were not pleased to hear that the “Bush Legacy” bus is traveling the US promoting anti-Bush propaganda and that part of that propaganda includes showing US soldier snuff films taken by insurgents in Iraq!


Outrageous! It’s one thing being antiwar or anti-Bush…
It’s another thing to show enemy propaganda of attacks on US soldiers!

Here Pete Hegseth confronts one of the Bush Legacy staffers on their horrible insurgent propaganda:

** It is telling that according to Dennis Prager, who is at the DNC Convention, no speaker has yet mentioned Iraq.
Hat Tip Bruce Kesler

Vets For Freedom Hijacks the Anti-“Bush Legacy” Bus!

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