Swing State Missouri Snubbed at DNC Convention

They were treated like Hillary backers!
Obviously, swing state Missouri is not a priority to the Obama Camp.
Obama stuck the Missouri Democratic delegates up in the nose-bleed section for the week.
MOGOP reported:

Four years ago in the critical weeks before the general election, John Kerry withdrew all Democratic paid staffers from Missouri and moved them to Colorado. This year Barack Obama promised things would be different but as is so often the case – his rhetoric rings hollow.

“Based on the Missouri Democrat Delegation being seated in the nose-bleed section at the Democrat National Convention it does not appear as if anything has changed – Missouri is not a priority for Democrats,” said Tina Hervey, communications director Missouri Republican Party. “Obama’s elitist attitude toward Middle America and his disregard for Missouri was reinforced when he decided to use a Missouri family as a prop during his wife’s convention speech only to forget where he was. First he was in Kansas City, then St. Louis, then back to Kansas City. Obama continues to prove that he is nothing more than glitz and glamour, basking in the light of his own celebrity and hoping that no one looks at the facts of his record.”

Other indicia of the lack of commitment to Missouri included network televisions’ coverage of Claire McCaskill’s remarks. Many networks didn’t cover her entire address but rather had commentators speaking and asking who she was. If the Democrats cared about Missouri, they would have briefed the media on the importance of her remarks.

Barack Obama is already having major trouble in swing states.
This won’t help any.

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