Surprise! Reverend "G-D" Wright Will Release Book in October …Update: Maybe Not- Wright Sent to Ghana!


He’s Ba-aack! Barack Obama’s racist spiritual mentor, father figure and pastor of 20 years, Reverend “G-D” Jeremiah Wright, will release his much anticipated book in October.

He also plans on touring AmeriKKKa to promote the book.
–Can you even imagine those book signing events?

Maybe he’ll share one of his prayers:

“No, No, No… Not God Bless America, God D*mn America. That’s in the Bible for killing innocent people. God D*mn America for treating its citizens as less than human… God D*mn America for as long as she tries to act like she is God and she is supreme.”

Once again, it was the British press that broke this anti-Obama news.
The Spectator reported:

New York Magazine has done a special issue this week on race and the US election. There’s lot of good stuff in the package but this line from John Heilemann’s cover story stood out to me:

“In October, Obama’s former pastor, Wright, will publish a new book and hit the road to promote it”

This is a huge problem for Obama. It means that the whole controversy over Wright’s racialist sermons and his friendship with Obama is going to be returning to the news agenda just as undecided voters begin to make up their minds.

Wright’s performance at the National Press Club back in April showed that Wright revels in the national spotlight and doesn’t care if his performances hurt Obama.

Wright announced that he was writing a book back in May.

UPDATE: Wright’s daughter says she called her father and confirmed the book rumors are false.
…He is “ministering” in a remote area of GHANA, AFRICA where he has a difficult time sending and receiving email.
Ghana, Africa?… Nice work, Axelrod!

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