Surprise!… Hollywood Libs Hold Black & White Bash For Obama

Hollywood and the mainstream media have a fever and the only solution is more Baracko Obamba!

Surprise #2!… Barack Obama appeared again on the cover of TIME Magazine this week. It is the seventh time he has appeared on the cover this year.

The stars came out for a black and white party last night in Hollywood to raise money for Barack Obamba
From the AP:

Celebrities aren’t always coy about their love affairs.

Jamie Foxx, Fran Drescher, Lucy Liu and Isaiah Washington were among the stars who proclaimed their love for Barack Obama Thursday night at a swanky soiree…

Mario Van Peebles and other guests munched on croissants, crudites, olives and eggplant while a seven-member gospel choir performed.

They set the evening’s tone with a rousing song: “Time for a change. We are the people, we can do it.”

“This is the first election where I’ve actually paid attention to every single thing, and I think it’s because I’m a mom now,” Long said. “I just think Barack is amazing… I admire him. I admire Michelle.”

Drescher, a women’s-health advocate who worked with Obama on the Gynecologic Cancer Education and Awareness Act, was mistress of ceremonies. Drescher said she originally supported Hillary Clinton but now is fully behind Obama.

“He stands for everything that I believe in,” she said. “I think he’s inspirational, and that’s what this country needs right now.”

The well informed Hollywood elitists believe America needs an America bashing neo-Marxist with terrorist friends leading the nation.

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