SICK– Liberals Attack McCain's Prisoner of War Experiences

Here’s the latest disgusting low from the American Left…
After Obama’s dismal performance at the Saddleback Faith Forum on Saturday night where he dodged questions and bombed in his responses, liberal supporters took their fury out on Senator John McCain.

First the liberal media accused John McCain of cheating.
Then… The the Left attacked John McCain’s experiences as a prisoner of war!
Liberal bloggers accused John McCain of making up stories about his experiences as a prisoner of war. Progressives said McCain made up his cross in the sand story- a story he has told several times and included in his Christmas ad this past year:

But, later today the McCain camp announced that if the Left wants to attack McCain on his cross story they will have to also impugn his fellow prisoners as well. McCain’s fellow prisoner of war, Orson Swindle, told the McCain Report that he heard this particular story from McCain “when we first moved in together” in the North Vietnamese prison.

Also today, The Corner reported that Mark Salter, John McCain’s closest aide, said that when he was working with McCain on Faith of Our Fathers, that McCain also shared the “cross in the dirt” story.


It’s sad that Obama supporters felt they had to attack McCain after the Saddleback shindig.
It’s pathetic that they chose to attack McCain’s experiences as a POW.

Doug Ross has more on Obama’s bomb at the Faith Forum.

UPDATE: In the latest developments– Solzhenitsyn Biographer Michael Scammell says the cross-in-dirt gulag story never happened.

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