Saudi Arabians Back Obama Because "Whites Back Israel"

Saudis Overwhelmingly Hope Obama Wins Election
The Arab News reported:

There is overwhelming support among Saudis and expatriates here in the Kingdom for Democratic candidate Barack Hussein Obama as the next US president.

A cross-section of both groups told Arab News yesterday that they wanted Obama to succeed George W. Bush. One Saudi said Obama was preferred because he is black while an expatriate felt his middle name suggested a willingness to tackle the contentious issues facing the Muslim world.

On Aug. 27, the Democratic Party nominated Obama as its presidential candidate and Joe Biden as his running mate. On the following day, Republican candidate John McCain picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Some Saudis said the US elections were a non-event for them, as it had nothing to do with their day-to-day lives. “I really did not know there was a presidential election in the United States in the first place.

“Some believed Obama is a Muslim because of his middle name. All the blacks so far in power at various levels have shown their commitment and determination to serve the country and the world without discrimination of color and religion. However, the track record of whites has been to side with Israel rather than with Muslim countries. We now have a ray of hope in Obama. We expect him to solve the problems facing the Muslim world, including those in Iraq, Palestine and Kashmir. What has happened after Sept. 11, 2001, is that Muslims are being dubbed terrorists. We extend our support to Obama or anyone who will be able to solve problems related to the Muslim world,” said Yousuf.

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