Russian Soldiers Caught On Tape Robbing Georgian Bank

Russian soldiers were caught on tape robbing a bank of money and computer equipment in the central Georgian city of Gori.
This won’t help out Russia much in their propaganda department:
(1 minute 12 seconds)

The Sun reported on this latest Russian crime:

RUSSIAN soldiers have been caught on camera ROBBING a bank in war-torn Georgia.
The band of gun-toting men were caught on CCTV forcing their way into the bank in Gori.

Once inside, the men are seen breaking into the teller offices and rifling through the desks.

They are then caught making off with what appear to be armfuls of equipment including laptop computers and perhaps even cash.

The outrage took place amid some of the bloodiest fighting in Gori, which is on Georgia’s main east-west highway.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a peace deal with Georgia today but his troops coontinued to push even deeper toward the capital Tbilisi. The Russians also blocked journalists from entering Gori today as they control all access to the central Georgian city.

UPDATE: Russia today agreed to a ceasefire but said that withdrawal would take time.
Does anyone know how long did it took them to withdrawal last time?

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