RUSSIAN FORCES BEGIN GEORGIA GROUND INVASION! …Update: Russia Orders Halt to Operations(?)

Georgian soldiers are in full retreat.
The country is overrun by Russian troops.

CNN reported from the bombed out Georgian town of Gori today where President Saakahvili was forced to run for cover during the threat of a Russian air raid:

The Times Online reported that Russian armoured columns rolled deep into central and western Georgia, seizing several towns and a military base, President Saakashvili said that his country had been cut in half.

The Daily Mail reported:


Georgian officials tonight claimed the country had been ‘overrun’ by Russian troops after a full-scale ground invasion.

Amid reports that Moscow forces had taken the town of Gori – and were marching on the capital Tsblisi – Georgian soldiers appeared to be in full retreat.

Troops were apparently in complete chaos as a full-scale rout pushed them back through the countryside.

Meanwhile, the civilian crisis intensified with thousands of refugees fleeing the seemingly unstoppable advance of the Russian army.

The body of a Georgian soldier lies on a street on the outskirts of Tskhinvali on August 10. Dozens of Russian warplanes staged new raids in Georgia. (AFP)

The Moscow Times reported that Moscow also moved 9,000 paratroopers and military equipment into Georgia’s breakaway province of Abkhazia.

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UPDATE: The New York Times is reporting that Russia has ordered a halt to military operations in Georgia on Tuesday.
Russia Today has video of Medvedev’s announcement.

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