Ruh-Roh… Obama's Dropping Like a Sock in Latest Polls

Barack Obama is droppin like a sock in the latest polls.

This was one flip-flop he wasn’t counting on.
McClatchy reported:

The net result, pollster John Zogby found, is a race that’s neck and neck, with McCain supported by 42 percent; Obama by 41 percent; Libertarian Bob Barr by 2 percent; and independent Ralph Nader by 2 percent. Another 13 percent supported other candidates or were undedcided.

Zogby called the results a “notable turnaround” from a July survey he did that showed Obama leading by 46-36.

Survey USA has the latest numbers from Florida.


Florida, Three Months Out — Sun Shines on McCain: In an election in critical swing-state Florida for President of the United States today, 08/04/2008, Republican John McCain defeats Democrat Barack Obama, 50% to 44%, according to this latest SurveyUSA poll pre-election poll conducted exclusively for WFLA-TV Tampa and WKRG-TV Pensacola. Obama leads by 9 points in Southeastern Florida, where he takes 52% of the vote; McCain takes 52% of the vote in Central Florida, 53% in Southwestern Florida, 55% in the northeastern Florida, and 59% in Northwestern Florida.

Sometimes these things happen when you pick Far Left inexperienced race card playing candidate with Islamic-Marxist roots.

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