Vlad Putin Blasts US For Assisting Georgia… Says "Real Victim" Is Russia (Video)

Russian Prime Minister Vlad Putin lashed out that the US for transporting Georgian soldiers from Iraq back home to defend their country from the Russian onslaught.
Russia Today has the video:
(35 seconds)

Vlad says the US is blaming the real victims (Russia) for the consequences of the conflict:

“I’m amazed by their skills at seeing black as white, of portraying aggressors as victims and of blamimg the real victims for the consequences of the conflict.”

If that’s true then why are the “real victims” bombing Tbilisi?
AGI reported:

Vladimir Putin has pointed a finger of blame at the United States. Washington, said the Russian Premier, is trying to intervene in Russian operations in Georgia, transporting Georgian troops to the conflict zone by air. “In fact, some of our partners, far from assisting us, are attempting to impede us: I refer to Georgian soldiers based in Iraq, transferred on board US aircraft directly to the conflict zone”. Around one thousand Georgian troops were deployed in Iraq. Already in the opening hours of the conflict in South Ossetia, Tbilisi called on Washington for assistance in returning them home.

Did Putin think the US would let the soldiers walk home?


If Barack Obama were in charge he wouldn’t have had to worry about this.
The soldiers never would have been helping to secure Iraq in the first place and Obama would still be deciding whose side we are on.
Or, he would have called on Russia and the rest of the UN Security Council to solve the crisis.

John McCain called on Russia to stop military action in Georgia and withdraw its forces.

More… Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili wrote a remarkable piece today in The Wall Street Journal.
Saakashvili is asking the West not to abandon his pro-Western democracy during this time of need.

The New York Times reported that the fighting is spreading inside Georgia.

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