Pravda Blames Evil Republicans & Jews For Starting War in Georgia

The evil Mr. McChimpyBusHitlerburton strikes again!
This plays right into the hands of John McCain, you know.
Pravda reported:

The USA is pursuing absolutely different goals, and the creation of the Great Georgia is surely not on its list. The Republicans organized the provocation to portray Russia as a monster on the globe on the threshold of the November elections. This plays into the hands of John McCain, who openly says that “Russia’s imperial ambition” needs to be curbed.

Actually… Any outbreak in global insecurity plays into the hands of John McCain.
Especially, when Obama demands that the US go to Russia and the UN Security Council to push for a strongly worded statement against– Russia, who sits on the UN Security Council.
Hat Tip Casey Klahn

Funny… The Huffington Post came up with this same conspiracy theory today.


UPDATE: Russian also blamed the Jews earlier for starting this war.

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