Pelosi Schemes to Help Blue Dogs– Boehner Calls Her Bluff

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Here is the latest political stunt from Nazi Pelosi…
Nancy Pelosi colluding with the Blue Dogs who are worried about winning back their seats because of the Democratic Party’s horrible record on energy.

Democratic House aides say the energy agenda has been carefully gamed out in strategy sessions, and Pelosi always intended to take heat on gas prices while tacitly encouraging more vulnerable Democrats to publicly disagree with her and show their independence.

But, sadly for Pelosi and the Blue Dogs, Minority Leader John Boehner is calling their bluff:

“My message to Democratic lawmakers is this: if you’re really for increased American energy production, then prove it by putting it in writing. Sign the discharge petitions House Republicans are circulating that will force votes on energy legislation Speaker Pelosi refuses to bring to the floor. And sign onto the American Energy Act, our ‘all of the above’ plan to increase conservation, innovation, and American energy production, instead of doing the Speaker’s bidding by voting against bringing it to a vote. If you aren’t willing to put it in writing, you’re fooling no one. You’re siding with the Speaker of the Drill-Nothing Congress and radical special interests that favor higher gas prices, at the expense of energy-strapped American families.”

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