Once Again… Silly Americans Are Just Imagining Things– Obama DID NOT Change His Position on Dipping Into the Strategic Oil Reserve

Silly Americans!
Of course, Barack Obama did not flip-flop on tapping into the strategic oil reserves.
Once again, you were just imagining things.

Here’s Barack Obama on strategic reserves yesterday and today:

Video via Hannity and Colmes.

The LA Times says it was a shift in positions… But, what do they know?
They’re just a bunch of Bush lackeys anyway:


Democrat Barack Obama called today for tapping the nation’s strategic oil reserves to help drive down gasoline prices, a shift from his previous position on the issue.

The reversal is the second refinement in Obama’s energy policy. Last week, he said that he would reluctantly consider accepting some offshore oil drilling. Obama had previously said he opposed such drilling, which is strongly backed by rival John McCain, who has urged that states be allowed to decide whether to drill.

That’s not a flip-flop.
It’s a redefining of a previous inartful position.

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