Obama's Nutty Energy Plan: Transition US Soldiers Into Green-Bot Mercenaries To Save Earth!!


So, what is one to do with all of those US soldiers and marines once the cut and run from Iraq is complete?

(Image via TIME)
Barack Obama knows.

Barack Obama wants to transition retiring soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan into civilian Green-bot jobs here at home to help save planet earth.
From Mr. Green’s energy talk today:


Tackle Climate Change

As a result of climate change, the polar ice caps are shrinking causing sea levels to rise; extreme weather is wreaking havoc across the globe; droughts are becoming more severe, tropical diseases are migrating north and numerous species are being threatened with extinction…

• Create a “Green Vet Initiative”. The renewable energy economy is exploding in the United States. In terms of venture capital alone, private investment in the sector topped $2.6 billion dollars in 2007. At the same time, more than 837,000 troops who served in Iraq or Afghanistan are now veterans. As president, Barack Obama will ensure that more of our veterans can enter the new energy economy. He will create a new “Green Vet Initiative” that will have two missions: first it will offer counseling and job placement to help veterans gain the skills to enter this rapidly growing field; second, it will work with industry partners to create career pathways and educational programs.

The new weapon of returning soldiers:

Tire gauges.

Now we can all support the troops.

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