Obama Keeps Slave Reparations on the Table

Don’t be fooled by the most liberal senator in Washington.
Barack Obama’s life in the anti-white Trinity Church, his mentoring by G-damn AmeriKKKA Jeremiah Wright and communist Frank Marshal Davis, his ideas of building communist civilian security forces
His entire life has been shaped by socialists and race baiters.

Investor’s Business Daily discovered that his past words on slave reparations fit in nicely with his socialist beliefs:

Barack Obama says Washington shouldn’t just offer apologies for slavery, but also “deeds.” Don’t worry, he says, he’s not talking about direct reparations. Relieved? Don’t be.

‘I consistently believe that when it comes to . . . reparations,” Obama recently told a gathering of minority journalists, “the most important thing for the U.S. government to do is not just offer words, but offer deeds.”

A few days later, he clarified his remarks, saying he’s not calling for direct cash payments to descendents of slaves, but rather indirect aid in the form of government programs that will “close the gap” between what he sees as white America and black America.

He says government should offer “universal” programs — such as universal health care, universal mortgage credits, college tuition, job training and even universal 401(k)s — that “disproportionately affect people of color.”

In other words, reparations by another name.

Obama knows that if he pushes too hard on reparations, he might scare off white voters. So he couches race-specific welfare as “universal” social programs that appeal to broad-based political coalitions — “even if they disproportionately help minorities,” he confides in his book, “Audacity of Hope.”

Obama has a name for his scheme: “universal strategies.”

“An emphasis on universal, as opposed to race-specific, programs isn’t just good policy,” he wrote. “It’s also good politics.”

It looks like those twenty years in Jeremiah Wright’s House of Hate rubbed off on him more than he would like to admit.

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