Moonbat Activist Asks Denver City Council: "Would I Be Considered a Poo Bomb, Too?" (Video)

Denver Activist asks City Council: “Am I a Poo Bomb?… Am I a Urine Squirt Gun?”

Slapstick Politics and Drunkablog are covering the latest moonbat uprising in Denver.
The anarchists and Leftists are outraged that they will not be allowed to bring “poo bombs” and “pi$$ buckets” to the DNC protests later this month.

In this video, one of several posted on Slapstick from the Denver City Council meeting on Monday night, Jacob Green, from Arcata, CA, asks the council, since he was full of “poo,” should he also be considered a “poo bomb” and banned from protesting?


Jacob Green to the city council members:

“My name is Jacob Green. I am from Arcadia, California. I am new to the city of Denver. Thank you for welcoming me(?) I have a couple of questions about the ordinance. Um. Would I be considered a “poo bomb”? I am full of poo. I will probably be eating before the demonstration. I’m just wondering if I’ll be considered a bomb if I try to throw myself into a crowd of police?

Also, I would like to know if I will be considered a urine squirt gun? I’m also full of urine and I’m just wondering if I would be banned from protesting?

Can we answer that?
His parents must be very proud.

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