Madonna Praises Anti-American Michael Moore As "Role Model"

Madonna can’t get enough of the fictitous filmmaker who has based a career on staged scenes, twisted statistics, and faked news stories. Moore’s material is so bad that his lies are used by the terrorists in Iraq who slaughter US soldiers.

Madonna and Michael Moore pose for photographers at the showing of the documentary ‘I Am Because We Are’ at the Traverse City Film Festival Saturday, Aug. 2, 2008, in Traverse City, Mich. (AP)

Madonna praised anti-American Michael Moore as someone “we need” in our lives at his film festival in Michigan this weekend.
My Way reported:

Madonna had praise of her own for Moore, 54, a Flint-area native who has a home near Traverse City.

“There aren’t a lot of role models for us in the world, or people we can look up to,” she said. “People who are not afraid to stick their neck out, people who are not afraid to stand up for things and be unpopular, to go against the grain, think outside the box.

“And we need, and I need, Michael Moore in my life.”

Madonna appeared amid the release of a tell-all book by her brother and speculation about her relationship with New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez. Madonna and Rodriguez both deny an affair. She did not address the dust-ups in her appearance Saturday.

It’s probably safe to say that when al-Qaeda in Iraq, Osama Bin Laden and Marxist regimes are using your own lies and propaganda to trash the US that you can correctly be classified as anti-American slug.
But, please don’t question his unabashed patriotism.

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