Impeached Prez Speaks to Dems– Biden Talks Long- Messiah Appears

Wednesday Night DNC–

A sign on the street in Denver.

President of the United States Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives on December 19, 1998, but that didn’t stop the Democrats from giving him a top speaking slot in the convention this year.
Tonight Bubba addressed the nation.
Stephen Green liveblogged at Pajamas Media, via Glenn.
It was a nice touch that they played “Addicted to Love” after his talk.

Later Joe Biden spoke too long and bashed McCain– the man he’d be honored to run with.
He also confused battalions with brigades.


And, the surprise guest was none other than… The Messiah!
Colin Powell must have declined.

The McCain Camp responded to Biden’s attacks, via The Corner:

Joe Biden is right: We need more than a good soldier, we need a leader with the experience and judgment to serve as commander in chief from day one. That leader is John McCain. We need a leader who understands that you don’t vote against funding for troops in harms way. We need a leader who supports victory in Iraq, and doesn’t try to legislate failure. We need a leader who understands that when a democracy is invaded, the response is to stand by their side, not call on them to show restraint. On all these issues during this campaign Americans have seen with their own eyes what Joe Biden has repeatedly made clear – Barack Obama does not have the judgment or experience to be President of the United States.

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