How Rotten Is the American Media?… Only Half of US Believe Bush Surge Was Successful

Gallop today announced that only half of Americans now believe the Bush Surge of troops in Iraq was successful.

Today violence in Iraq is down 90% from last year.
Today 15 of 18 benchmarks in Iraq have been met.
Today Al-Qaeda in Iraq is defeated.
This month only six Americans were killed in Iraq from hostile action.

The US and Iraq saw continued success in Iraq this month.
The US monthly toll in Iraq is at its lowest point since the 2003 invasion.

Six Americans were killed in combat in the month of July. It is the lowest number since the war began. (Icasualties)


Attacks against the coalition also dropped again.

Enemy-initiated attacks against coalition in Iraq. (Brookings)

This tremendous progress is undeniable.
Despite the hollow words of antiwar Democrats like Pelosi and Obama who opposed the surge, the facts on the ground are that the Bush Surge was a tremendous successs.
(And, yet Obama wants a surge of troops in Afghanistan?)

That only 50% of America understands that the Bush Surge was a success is unfortunate. If the media was doing its job this would be different.
But, what the media did instead was scale back coverage by 92% when the surge started to work.

If you want to know why Americans are unaware of this wonderful news- blame the media and the dishonest liberals who are still in playing games.
The facts today are undeniable.

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