Hillary Denver Speech Bash a Bust… Only a Couple 100 Trickle In

The angry PUMAs may have been on the prowl in Denver today but they sure didn’t prowl down to the 18 Million Voices event in the park tonight…

Only a couple hundred of the 18 Million Voices showed up at Cheesehead Park tonight in Denver to unite together behind their candidate. Maybe the angry Hillary supporters were too exhausted after attending the Republican happy hour last night.

Hillary Clinton urged the party to unite behind Barack Obama this evening at the Democratic Convention.

Stephen Green and Ann Althouse liveblogged the events.


The TV talking heads may have been too critical.
Glenn Reynolds noted this:

TV talking-heads seem to think her endorsement of Obama was minimal, and one pointed out that although she said Michelle Obama would be a great First Lady, she never actually came out and said that Barack Obama would be a great President.

So much for 18 million voices:

Maybe the Clintons have decided to give up on their own ambitions? Maybe the Clintons are satisfied taking a back seat in the Democratic Party? Maybe Hillary will rally the country to vote for Obama?
…Can you believe it?

The People’s Press Collective has much more on today’s Denver action.

Bob McCarthy has more on Hillary’s speech.

UPDATE: The McCain Camp responded to the speech:

“Senator Clinton ran her presidential campaign making clear that Barack Obama is not prepared to lead as commander in chief. Nowhere tonight did she alter that assessment. Nowhere tonight did she say that Barack Obama is ready to lead. Millions of Hillary Clinton supporters and millions of Americans remain concerned about whether Barack Obama is ready to be President.” –Tucker Bounds, spokesman John McCain 2008

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