Hillary Supporters Rejected At Dem Committee Meeting

Democratic Party leaders under the leadership of Barack Obama rejected Hillary supporters during a platform committee meeting this weekend.
The LA Times Campaign ’08 Blog reported:

Hillary Rodham Clinton loyalists tried Saturday to kill off the caucus system that proved so damaging to her presidential bid, but were beaten back by a Democratic Party leadership firmly under the command of her former rival, Barack Obama.

Democrats who supported the New York senator’s candidacy pushed to amend the new party platform so that caucuses would be banned in future presidential contests.

But the party’s platform committee refused to allow a vote on the amendment or even a discussion. Co-chair Patricia Madrid, a former New Mexico attorney general, said the matter would instead be taken up at a later date by the party’s rules committee.

That left Clinton supporters disappointed. They say that if the party were serious about enfranchising more voters, it would take a clear position against a system that makes participation difficult for shift workers, the disabled and overseas members of the military. In traditional primaries, people have all day to vote. But a caucus may last just a few hours.

Nahanni… Popcorn, please.

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