Hillary Razzed For Not Giving Her All to Unify Party

Poor Hillary.
Democrats are upset that Hillary Clinton has not been pounding the pavement for Obama.
The New York Times reported:

Minutes after pushing through the rope line to thank Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for “all that you do,” Robin Shaffer said she was worried. She feared that the senator she respected and admired for being tough and experienced had not done all that she could to unify Florida’s fractured Democratic Party while campaigning here on Thursday for her former opponent.

“It was good that she said my supporters need to now support Barack Obama,” said Ms. Shaffer, 46, reflecting on Mrs. Clinton’s speech before about 700 people. But, she added, “I wanted her to repeat that one more time.”

Many who had supported Mrs. Clinton’s run for president shared Ms. Shaffer’s opinion. Democrats who said they had recently accepted that Mr. Obama, of Illinois, would be the Democratic presidential nominee greeted Mrs. Clinton’s 30-minute speech — her first rally in Florida on his behalf — with warmth but also demands for more.

Democrats here have been especially divided since Mrs. Clinton battled to have the state’s delegates awarded to her after Florida held its primary early, in violation of Democratic Party rules, and after the party said it would not seat its delegation at the convention.

And, if and when Obama loses it will all be Hillary’s fault, too.

UPDATE: Unbelievable! After saying that Hillary would be on anyone’s short list, it was revealed today that Obama never even vetted Hillary Clinton.

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