Gov. Sarah Palin Responds to Critics… While Shopping! (Video) …Update: Hillary Responds

Governor Sarah Palin responded to media and liberal critics today who attacked the 44 year old governor on “lack of” international experience.
She did this while shopping.

Click on the photo to see the Governor Palin’s response to the Obama attacks:

Governor of Alaska Palin has been to Iraq as many times as Senator Barack Obama.

She also knows the importance of completing military missions and not surrendering to al-Qaeda or Iran…
Unlike Barack Obama or Joe Biden who both voted for defeat.
Palin also has more executive experience than both Biden and Obama.


Palin has 80% approval rating in Alaska– the highest in the nation.

More… Glenn Reynolds has much more on Palin’s experience.

More reaction… “A mother of five with a job outside of the home would know how to multi-task (taking on her opponents while shopping). Thank you John McCain for an inspiring pick!”

UPDATE: Hillary released this statement today:

“We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin’s historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain.”

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