Far Left Nutjobs Attack Vets For Freedom Founder Dave Bellavia

Honestly- Is there anyone on the Far Left who can put together a reasonably sound argument anymore?
Today the nuts at Think Progress slandered Vets For Freedom founder Dave Bellavia who they claim attacked Senator Chuck Hagel’s military service:

During a segment today on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, a caller questioned Bellavia about the group’s supposed attacks on Vietnam veteran Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE).

Dave Bellavia answered:

Chuck Hagel, he’s a proud American warrior. He’s a patriot. But show me what battle he fought in Iraq. A man’s war — You don’t question another man’s service. I will never attack a Vietnam veteran, like some of these other individuals have during this political season. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous.

…Ma’am, I’ve served over a year and our organization is just stock-full of Purple Heart and Valor Award winners. We’ve seen the worst of this fight. There’s no propaganda here, ma’am. We love America. We want to win the war that our Congress sent us to fight. You don’t send Americans — men and women — to lose a war, to end a stalemate. You send them to win in a war, and that’s what we’re trying to do. And you know what? We’re closer today than we ever have been.

The part about “loving America” must have sent the moonbats over the top.
And, the fact that a pro-American Iraqi veteran would dare question an antiwar US senator was too just way too much for the nuts at Think Progress.
They call this “attacking one’s military service.”
What a dishonest website.

Related… Vets for Freedom Chairman Pete Hegseth writes today from Iraq on Why Victory Matters.
(This is an excellent article.)

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