Faith Forum: Obama & McCain Saddle Up At Saddleback …Update: Obama on Abortion Video

Obama, McCain face off in tonight Rick Warren‘s Saddleback Faith Forum.
America is wondering if Obama quote G-D AmeriKKKa Wright— his racist and anti-Semitic pastor of 20 years.

Obama starts off: He says his opposition to the war in Iraq was his hardest decision. Puh-lease! We are all sure it was an agonizing decision for an Illinois state senator– Obama is such the politician. He still believes the Iraq War is not in America’s best interest. That is not only ridiculous but dangerous.

Obama abortion: He is asked at what point does a baby get human rights– He just dodged the question… “It’s above my pay grade.”
I doubt that will play well with the religion voters.
Here’s the video:

Of course, he has a gruesome record on abortion. Obama says he does not support late term abortions although he voted in support of partial birth abortion. How sad.


Obama on marriage: “Marriage is between a man and a woman.” He says he does not support same sex marriage. Oh buddy!!! Watch the nutroots go C-R-A-Z-Y tonight!

Obama on stem cell research: He’s in favor of embryonic stem cell research.

Obama on evil: It has to be confronted (But, not in Iraq.) We have to have humility in confronting evil. Just because our intentions are good doesn’t mean we are doing good (a typical liberal view of America).

Obama on Supreme Court: Obama would not have nominated Clarence Thomas or Scalia. Obama says Thomas did not have experience. Glenn Reynolds says, “Kinda ironic, huh?”

Good for Rick Warren for asking these questions.

John McCain is up.

McCain on who he would look to for advice: General Petraeus– the greatest military leader of our time, Meg Whitman– EBAY founder, and a US soldier who was wounded in Iraq.
Home Run!

John McCain is doing excellent- He quotes Rick Warren’s book. McCain talks about energy. He jokes about Sarkozy and Governor Arnold. He woos the crowd with his heroic story about his days as a prisoner of war.
McCain tells his wonderful story about the Christian North Vietnamese guard.
What a beautiful story.

OK– McCain is knocking it out of the park.
I never knew I liked McCain so much. He was brilliant.

John McCain: I will be the President of every American.

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