DNC Protesters Sign "Non-Pooliferation Treaty" With City of Denver

The Denver protesters were hoping to recreate the Chicago DNC riots of 1968 but started having trouble with authorities who are worried about human p*ss and poop bombs.

After weeks of bickering, finally there was a breakthrough…
Today the protesters agreed to lay down their poop buckets.

DNC protesters are planning on signing a “Doo Doo Accord” today in advance of the city council meeting tonight where they plan on demonstrating.
Rocky Mountain News reported:

Representatives of three groups planning protests during the Democratic National Convention will be signing what they’re calling a “Doo Doo Accord” in advance of a City Council meeting where an ordinance that would ban protesters from carrying certain items, such as buckets of feces, is up for final consideration.

The groups — Unconventional Denver, Re-create 68 Alliance and the Alliance for Real Democracy — are calling the accord a “Non-Pooliferation Treaty.”

“We’re hoping this puts everything poo-related behind us so that we can focus on the real issue, which is the fact that the Democrats are part of a crappy system oppresses and coerces communities into a capitalist economy and undemocratic government,” Ben Yager, a member of Unconventional Denver, a group of self-described anarchists, said in a statement.

After they sign the accord, the groups said they will attend tonight’s council meeting and “offer the city the opportunity to sign on so that all sides are in agreement and can move beyond the constipating public discourse on feces and urine.”

The protesters are planning on expressing their opposition to the ordinance with theatrics at the council meeting tonight.
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