Democratic Thuggery of the Day… Rep. Cohen Shoves Cameraman– Slams Door On His Face (Video)

Worst. Congress. Ever.
Here’s today’s latest from the Pelosi Swamp:

Speaker Pelosi is caught colluding with Blue Dogs to block America from developing its own energy reserves.
And, Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) pushes a cameraman out of his house and slams the door on his face:
(1 minute 16 seconds)

(Here’s the link if the embedded video is not playing correctly.)

Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) loses his cool and shoves a journalist during a press conference one day before his Democratic Primary race. August 6, 2008.


Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen was caught on tape today pushing a cameraman out of his house.
FOX News reported:

After asking a TV photographer to leave his home several times, Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen shoved him out the front door during a news conference Wednesday.

Cohen said the man had harassed him during an event Tuesday night and was working with his opponent Nikki Tinker.

Cohen and Tinker are Democratic opponents in Thursday’s Democratic primary for the 9th Congressional District in Tennessee.

Did you notice what Cohen said at the end of the video?…
“Take his tripod around back and throw it at him.”
Keep it classy, Democrats.

Poor Cohen is probably just feeling stressed after his Democratic primary opponent compared him to a KKKlansman and her latest ad attacked him for attending black churches.

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