WOW!! Jews Protest Obama In Jerusalem!!! (Video)

Jewish Groups Protest Obama– Show Support for United Jerusalem

Israel National News reported on a protest in Jerusalem today against Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama:

The Coalition for a United Jerusalem held a news conference in the capital Tuesday night to demand that US Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama express unequivocal support for the unification of Jerusalem under Jewish sovereignty.

The Coalition, which represents a group of Jewish organizations including the American Israeli Action Coalition, the Council of Young Israel Rabbis in Israel, Emunah Women, the Rabbinical Council of America in Israel, the Worldwide Young Israel Movement and the Zionist Organization of America.

The Jews in Israel are very concerned about Obama’s waffling on an undivided Jerusalem.
His past associations with Jew-haters probably does not help him out any.
Here’s the video:

On the other hand… The Palestinians announced today that they are very pleased with Obama’s position on Jerusalem.


More… Former Soviet dissident and democracy leader Natan Sharansky spoke out today and voiced his concerns about Senator Barack Obama.
Newsmax reported:

He is definitely a big concern for me,” he says.

Sharansky thinks Obama has “a little record or almost no record, while the one who he is competing with is McCain, and we know for sure his principles.”

Sharansky continues the train of thought: “It is very alarming for me the way Senator Obama voted, the way he spoke about his desire to negotiate with Ahmadinejad, and the way some of his advisers think.

“I was at AIPAC. He made a very strong speech, speaking about a Jewish state, defensible borders, a united Jerusalem, then the next day he started correcting himself.”

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