"Vets For Freedom" Launches Campaign to Take On MoveOn.org …Updated With Video

“I think the American people would rather hear from those who served than those who… call our generals traitors.”

Pete Hegseth
Vets for Freedom Chairman and Founder
On Countering the defeatists at MoveOn.org

This year there will be a veterans group to counter the outrageous attacks by the Soros-funded Far-Left group MoveOn.org:

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This year there will be a group of pro-military veterans to counter the outrageous attacks by the Left against our troops.

Here’s their first ad… It’s terrific!

Awesome! Pro-military, Pro-Victory veterans group Vets For Freedom is launching their campaign to take on the antiwar thugs at MoveOn.org.
FOX News reported:

A veterans’ group that sharply criticized Barack Obama is planning a multimillion-dollar ad campaign, which it hopes will counter the anti-war message of MoveOn.org in the run-up to the general election.

The group, Vets for Freedom, plans to launch its four-month campaign next week, called “Four Months, for Victory.”

Chairman Pete Hegseth said the group’s first ad buy will not mention either Obama or John McCain. He said the group has not endorsed anybody in the presidential race.
But Vets for Freedom, made up of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, considers McCain a key ally and could provide the Republican presidential candidate with a boost, simply by espousing the kind of stay-the-course strategy he has advocated. The 25,000-member group is a firm proponent of the troop buildup in Iraq.

Hegseth, in an interview with FOXNews.com, said he hopes to outmatch the message coming out of MoveOn.org — which has endorsed Obama and is already running ads accusing McCain of wanting to wage a near-endless war in Iraq.

“We would love to counter their message. I think the American people would rather hear from those who served than those who… call our generals traitors,” Hegseth said. “We need to ensure that we capitalize on the successful efforts (in Iraq) and ultimately do what we can to finish the job and get our troops back with honor.”

He said the first ad buy, which would run for two weeks, will cost about $1.5 million. He noted that that is more than the $500,000 MoveOn.org spent on their most recent ad, which was scheduled to run one week.

You can donate to Vets for Freedom to help keep their ads on the air– HERE.

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