US Monthly Death Toll In Iraq Lowest Ever

The US lost fewer soldiers in Iraq in July than any other month since the war began in 2003.
President Bush announced shortening of tours of duty in Iraq on Thursday.

There was no comment from Harry Reid on this news.

Although, he did release a statement on the likelihood of success in Iraq back in 2007.

The July US monthly death toll in Iraq was the lowest ever since the war began in 2003.
ABC News reported:


Six Americans were killed in combat in the month of July, compared to the 66 combat deaths in July 2007. It is the lowest number since the war began.

With the improvements in security, President Bush announced on Thursday that troop rotations in Iraq will be shortened from 15 to 12 months.

“The progress in Iraq has allowed us to continue our policy of return on success,” Bush said. “We have now brought home all five of the combat brigades and the three Marine units that were sent to Iraq as part of the surge. The last of these surge brigades returned home this month.”

It’s not just US fatalities that are down in Iraq– July also saw the lowest civilian toll since December 2005.

Senator Barack Obama has refused to admit that the Bush surge of troops has worked but is promoting a Bush-type surge of troops for Afghanistan.

UPDATE: Victor Davis Hanson has another great essay- “What if Iraq works?”
Hat Tip American Freedom

Let Freedom Ring has some questions for Obama.

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