US Consulate in Turkey Attacked– 6 Dead

Security officials inspect the bodies of police officers lying in front of the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul July 9, 2008.(Reuters)

CNN Video

6 people are dead after the US consulate in Istanbul was attacked this morning.
Reuters reported:


Three policemen and three gunmen were killed in an armed attack on the United States consulate in Istanbul on Wednesday, the city’s governor said.

A witness said the attackers drove a car up to the high- walled compound situated outside Istanbul city centre and overlooking the Bosphorus waterway. Three jumped out as the car halted and began firing at police who approached.

Governor Muammer Guler said one of the police officers had died at the scene in a gunbattle lasting several minutes. Two had died of their wounds at a nearby hospital.

Two other people were also injured.

Television images showed paramedics carrying out heart massage on one of those lying on the ground. The shirts of one of the men was ripped open. Blood was flowing from the head of another person.

“They (assailants) were four people. Three of them got out of the car and fired at the police. I saw them dead afterwards lying on the ground and many more dead among the police,” Enis Yilmaz, who was going to the consulate for a visa application, told Reuters. He said the other person drove off in a vehicle.

One of the dead police officers was working at the consulate while the other two were traffic officers.

Israel Matzav has more on the attack.

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