This is Guaranteed To Make Democratic Heads Explode…

But… But… They’re broken and worn out.

Didn’t they listen to Barack?… There’s no military solution!
This can’t be happening.
They’re just depressed. They’re medicated.
They’re too stupid and ended up in Iraq. And, now they’re too stupid to know they’re fighting a lost war.
Don’t they know it’s a failure?

The stress has made them cold-blooded killers .


Today 1,200 US troops reenlisted in Iraq- at a former Saddam Hussein palace:

Bob Krumm Video

This was one for the record books–
More than 1,200 US troops serving in Iraq signed up for extended service in the military to mark America’s Independence day on Friday.

General David Petraeus led the airmen, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers in their oath to defend their country against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Democrats were wrong.

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1215 men and women reenlist inside Saddam Hussein’s former palace. (MNF-Iraq)

This war is won.

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