Students Smash Through School Gates At MASSIVE RALLY in Tehran (Video)

There Was a Massive Student Rally in Tehran Last Week
Brand new footage from the July 8th student protests in Tehran this year–

Thousands of Iranian students marched in Tehran last week on the anniversary of the 1999 student protests (Also known as 18th of Tir and Kuye Daneshgah Disaster). The 1999 protests were the “worst”, most widespread and violent public protests in Iran, since the early years of the Iranian Revolution.

The revolution will be YouTubed-
This year the students rallied and smashed through the school gates in Tehran. This story was ignored by the mainstream media but Iranian students released video from the protest on YouTube:
(9 minutes 26 seconds)

–They smash through the gates at around 50 seconds.
So does this look like the Iranians are in love with the regime of Islamo-thugs?

Hat Tip Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi

UPDATE: The Iranian regime arrested two student leaders today after the massive protests that were held last week. The regime is holding them in the notorious Evin Prison.
The AFP reported:

Iran has arrested two prominent student activists, the latest in a string of detentions following the anniversary of student protests nine years ago, the press reported on Monday.

Mohammad Hashemi and Bahareh Hedayat were arrested and sent to the notorious Tehran prison of Evin on Sunday, the Etemad newspaper said.

The two are members of the central council of the pro-reform student group The Office to Consolidate Unity.

This has raised the number of students arrested throughout the country to around 18 since the anniversary of student protests on July 9, 1999, the Kargozaran newspaper said.

Iranian Rooz Online has more on the student arrests.

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