Joe Biden Attacks John McCain– Hilarity Ensues

Violent attacks are down in Iraq by 90% since last year.
Al-Qaeda in Iraq is defeated.
15 of 18 government benchmarks have been achieved.
So, what is a good cut and runner to do?

Leave it to Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) to attack John McCain on Iraq today:

Biden says McCain has “no notion of what’s going on” in Iraq.

“He doesn’t get the fact there is no reasonable prospect of a strong central government located in Baghdad…”

Oh really?
Maybe it’s Joe Biden who has “no notion of what’s going on” in Iraq.

During the height of the insurgency and before the surge took hold the US was losing over 100 brave and honorable soldiers each month:

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(Iraq Coalition Casualties)
…But thanks to the surge— the surge that Joe Biden and Barack Obama opposed— so far this month, the US has lost only 6 soldiers. 2 of those were recovered bodies. And, at least 2 of the remaining 4 were lost in non-combat related incidents.
So who has “no notion of what’s going on” in Iraq again?

Joe Biden is going to have a hard time explaining himself if the US and Allies continue to see results like this:

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(Iraq Coalition Casualties)
Later today the McCain Camp responded to the democratic foreign policy “expert,” the exalted Joe Biden:

“Senator Biden’s comments about John McCain and Iraq are as absurd as they are wrong. He opposed the surge and the counterinsurgency strategy and instead proposed partitioning the country. No Iraqi political leader supported the Biden plan to dismember Iraq. If we had followed Senator Biden’s ill-informed advice to split Iraq into three pieces, we would have seen wide-scale civil war. Instead, we have the dramatic security gains of the last 18 months because John McCain’s strategy was implemented. Now, Senator Biden is acting as a surrogate for Senator Obama and is still pushing his partition line. Does Senator Obama support partitioning Iraq? Does Senator Obama think ‘there is no reasonable prospect of a strong central government located in Baghdad,’ as Senator Biden said today?

Perhaps Senator Obama will discuss partitioning Iraq with Prime Minister Maliki during his visit.”

Score one for McCain.
Minus two for Obama and Biden.

And, don’t forget…

Iraqi politicians finally found a reason to come together politically back in October 2007-
To reject the “insolent” Biden Resolution and issue a statement against the resolution passed by the Democratic Senate.

Joe Biden– A uniter not a divider!

UPDATE: Michael Yon writes more today on the success in Iraq.

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