Whoa!… AP Backs McCain's Plans For Iraq Over Obama's Hasty Retreat (Video)

You may want to sit down for this one…
In a stunning piece of journalism the Associated Press reported that the United States was now winning the War in Iraq yesterday.

Noticably missing from their article was any mention of the “Bush” or “Bush surge.”
Even the AP has its standards.

But, here’s the real stunner…
The AP released a video to go with their weekend story where they agreed with the McCain, Bush and Petraeus plans on succeeding in Iraq and withdrawing troops cautiously over Barack Obama’s hasty retreat plans:
(2 minutes)

Robert Burns the AP chief correspondent to Iraq reported this on the success of the Bush surge that shall not be named:


“The insurgents no longer have to clout to stop the government… Even if the insurgents try to reenter Iraq from the Iran or elsewhere that they won’t find the popular support they need to carry on.”

“The concern is that if the Americans left abruptly it would leave a gap not only in the capability of the Iraqi military but it also would send sort of a wrong signal to those who might want to reassert the insurgency to come back and try to fight again.”

Now that was a bold piece of reporting by the AP.
How that one got past the editors we will never know.

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