Scrumpdillyishus!… Obama's Rural Missouri Office Is a Dairy Queen

Obama goes for the rural Missouri vote…
One dilly bar at a time.

The Missouri Republican Party started questioning the validity of Obama’s new field offices on Friday after it was reported one in Sikeston appears to be a Dairy Queen –News-Leader.

And, the Obama Campaign staffers are not actually in theri rural Nixa, Missouri offices. In fact, they haven’t signed the lease yet.
But, they do set up a table and chairs in the parking lot certain hours of the day.
The News-Leader reported:


Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s winning strategy in Missouri rests on getting votes in rural areas where Republicans traditionally fare better.

When people seeking tickets for today’s rally in Springfield showed up Monday afternoon to a shopping center in Nixa where Obama’s new Christian County field office is supposed to be, they were greeted by a table and a couple of campaign workers.

The ticket giveaway was held outside because the Obama campaign doesn’t actually have the keys to the retail storefront it was promoting as its new Nixa office at 270 W. Mount Vernon St.

In fact, the Obama campaign is not even on the lease — yet, according to the property’s real estate agent.

“We’re just waiting for a signature,” said Chad Jackson of Heartland Realty in Nixa. “They should be moving in quickly.”

Jackson said he “wasn’t aware” the campaign used the location to give away tickets.

…The Nixa location was not part of the 24-office rollout, but the campaign was promoting it as part of the overall strategy to create an unmatched grass-roots operation against Republican Sen. John McCain.

“Nixa was a case where we didn’t announce an opening,” said Jack Cardetti, spokesman for the Missouri Democratic Party. “That’s going to be in the second batch of openings and it’s going to be up and running on Monday.”

When the Obama campaign announced details Monday morning about how to get tickets to today’s event, the Nixa address was identified as an official Obama field office and listed as one place to get tickets.

They also told people tickets would be available from 6 to 9 p.m. but neighboring shop owners say campaign staffers started handing out tickets at 4 p.m.

Karen Bell, manager of the Family Pharmacy Photo Center next door, said the long line of people lined up for tickets mostly died off by 6 p.m.

At least half a dozen people came into the pharmacy Tuesday asking about tickets for the town hall rally, Bell said.

Richard Caudron, 73, of Nixa, was one local resident who showed up after 6 p.m. to the location to find it deserted and a “for lease” sign still plastered across the front window.

“No one was there,” Caudron said. “It made me wonder.”

Caudron said he was disappointed Obama’s campaign picked a small high school gymnasium for the candidate who often draws large crowds.

“I can’t figure out why he can talk in front of 200,000 people in Europe and only 1,000 people in Springfield,” said Caudron, who described himself as an independent voter. “I think more than 1,000 people should be able to hear him.”

…The Missouri Republican Party started questioning the validity of Obama’s new field offices on Friday after it was reported one in Sikeston appears to be a Dairy Queen and the Bolivar office is a former federally funded family health clinic.

“It gets to our point that he’s more smoke and mirrors,” said Tina Hervey, spokeswoman for the Missouri Republican Party. “Missourians should take a second look at him if he’s going to lie and mislead about something as trivial as an office.”

I’ll take the hopey-changer with extra nuts, please!

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