Entertainment Gold… Scott McClellan Eats Crow– Tells O'Reilly "I'm Sorry" (Video)

Last night Bill O’Reilly blasted Scott McClellan the former White House Spokesman for President Bush. O’Reilly denied that he had been given any White House talking points and called Scott McClellan a liar.
The Video is HERE.

McClellan had been a guest on with Chris Matthews and claimed that while in the White House he had called O’Reilly and Hannity and fed them White House Talking points.
It was a lie.

Today, Bill O’Reilly had Scott McClellan on as a guest on The Radio Factor.
Big mistake for Scott McClellan. O’Reilly gets him to squeak out– “I’m sorry, Bill.”
It’s one of the great moments of talk radio:

( I thought I’d try Google video now that the YouTube clip has been pulled down 3 times.)
That was a work of art.
O’Reilly toyed with him like silly putty… or jello.

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